Family Business Testimonials

Our family has been in business for many years.  As we began considering a transition to the next generation, we realized that this process was not going to be easy. Family dynamics, skills and the challenge of letting go all impacted the process.  Janna helped us identify the path we needed to take, the roles each of us should play and helped create the plan for making it happen.  For us this is a long process, however her guidance has made the process focused, intentional and manageable for the family.  Thank you for your directness and often telling us what to do especially when we didn't want to hear it.   Signed:  The Next Generation CEO

My Dad passed away a few years ago.  My mom inherited the business, but really didn't want the day to day operations, nor did she have the passion for keeping it going.  She wanted me to take over, yet didn't have the confidence that I could keep it running.  Janna walked alongside of both of us guiding us in the transition.  She helped my Mom walk away and begin to enjoy life without the worry of what would happen.  That allowed me the opportunity to step and and run the business and succeed.  The family dynamics are powerful and Janna's ability to bridge the generations helped both of us succeed in what we each wanted.  It isn't easy, but her listening, understanding and passion for the family business allows us to know it can happen and happen successfully.   Signed:  The Millenial Kid

Two generations working together, two (well actually three as there are three of us) through processes and two ways of approching business can and will create conflicts.  The staff didn't believe Dad would retire. Sometimes we don't believe Dad will retire.  Yet, the path is laid out, the plan is being executed, we have the control to make it happen.  Thanks for helping us create this plan, make it happen and allow us to maintain the family relationships that are so important.  You are appreciated.  Signed: The Future Looks Strong

We are a mix of family and individual investors running the business.  The combination has made for interesting discussions and challenging times in business operations.  Janna came in and not all of us wanted someone to help us determine our path.  She challenged our thoughts on who should do what roles in the family.  She challenged that one of the family should retire.  She challenged us in how we thought about the business and the family and helped create better communication with my wife.  We still have a long road ahead of us, however the path she helped us lay out will allow us to all exit the business.  We are still applying concepts that we weren't ready to accept while working with her.  Her process for challenging the status quo and the family dynamics has been what we needed.  Thanks Janna!  Signed: Family plus two


Each of these testimonials represent real family environments.  For specific references please contact Janna at 719-358-6936






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