Sample Presentation Topics

  1. Everyone Communicates:  Few Connect
  2. How Attitude Effects Altitude
  3. Foundations to a Winning Team
  4. Are you an Influencer?
  5. Eating Frogs for Breakfast
  6. How to Be in Business with People You Love: Without Hating Them
  7. Employees, Teams and Hiring: Oh MY!

Keynote Presentations

Everyone Communicates:  Few Connect

Everyone communicates, but few connect. Learning to connect with people is critical to your success. Your communication and listening styles will affect your ability connect to with people and to accomplish your goals. Are you heard? Do you feel like you are hitting your head against the wall? STOP and LISTEN!

Our response to the events around us determines the outcomes we receive every day on every project in every situation. Learn how to allow people to hear what you want them to hear.

Join us for an interactive, practical time of understanding how to adapt your communication to the project team, manager, customer, prospect and family.

Workshop Results and Take Aways:

  1. Identify your communication style and learn how to better communicate with your team
  2. Tools to better understand how others hear what you say
  3. Improve productivity by the connection created with management, teams, co-workers and vendors

Keynote: 60 to 90 minutes

Workshop: 4 hours


How Attitude Effects Altitude

Hiking one of Colorado’s Fourteeners or backpacking on a multi-day trip is a grueling step- by -step process with direct application to creating success in your life and in business. This fun and practical workshop will show the compound effect of how small steps can get you to the top of a mountain, or on the top in business. Life is a journey, often consisting of small and seemingly inconsequential steps.

Success seldom happens; it takes perseverance, preparation, planning and commitment. In the backwoods, lack of perseverance, preparation and planning can make the difference between life and death. One wrong step can literally mean death. Not being physically prepared can leave you stranded on the mountain and totally lost. The same concepts are true for our businesses and careers.

You might not backpack or hike, yet you must get out of your comfort zone on a daily basis to be successful. So define success for you, pack your bag and join me on a journey to the mountains of success. It will be tiring, fun, frustrating, exhilarating, grueling and yet wonderful – all at the same time. A journey you won’t want to miss.

Workshop Results and Take Aways:

  • There is always another hill to climb in backpacking and in our careers. The challenge is being prepared for what the next hill will bring, knowing when to rest and when to charge the mountain.
  • Going down is harder than going up; yet, no one stays at the top in business or a mountain without planning and preparation. The art is knowing what to plan for and how to approach the mountain, so you win and not the mountain.
  • Don’t carry what you don’t need. There is nothing worse than completing a backpacking trip only to find out you have carried weight you didn’t need. The same is true in business. The sooner we learn what to leave behind the faster we will rise to the top.

Keynote: 60 to 90 minutes

Workshop: 4 to 8 hours

Foundations to a Winning Team

Employees, Teams, Hiring: OH my! Learn how to find them and keep them and make these people a winning part of your business.

Building the right team in the right way is an art not a science. Practical hands on ideas ready to implement tomorrow with your team and yourself. Your business will thank you for it!

Keynote: 60 to 90 minutes

Workshop: 4 to 8 hours

Are You an Influencer?
Achieve Greater Success with Influence in Every Area of your Daily Life

Whether you are a project manager, a parent, an employee, a salesperson, or coaching a sport, you have influence. Are you influencing in the manner that you desire? Learn how you can become a person of influence... and be an INFLUENCER:

Integrity with People
Nurturing other People
Faith in People
Listens to People
Understands People
Enlarges People
Navigates for other People
Connects with People
Empowers People
Reproduces other Influencers

This workshop teaches how to positively impact the lives of others. Becoming a person of influence affects your ability to communicate with others, completing tasks on time and on budget and becoming the best leader possible.

Keynote: 30 to 90 Minutes

Workshop: 4 hours

How to Be in Business with People You Love:
Without Hating Them

Running a family business and loving it? Running a family business and wondering why? Learn more as Janna Hoiberg shares the joys, challenges, opportunities and threats encountered in the family business. Communication, motivation, mindset and relationships are all keys to increased profitability, business growth and family harmony.

Keynote: 30 to 90 Minutes

Workshop: 4 hours

Eating Frogs for Breakfast:
Growing Your Business

workshop photo - janna hoibergTime is a commodity that seems to be in short supply. Deadlines are missed, work days are longer, and goals are not achieved. Yes, we live in a busy society. Yet, in our busyness are we doing the right things with our time, at the right time to achieve the most results?

Join us for practical tips for better managment of the elusive topic of Time and learn how to start you day right with the best breakfast around!

Keynote: 30 to 90 Minutes

Workshop: 3 hours

NOTE: All Keynotes and workshops can be tailored to your own environment and time specifications.

Employees, Teams and Hiring:  OH MY!

Every manager has experienced the need to fire an employee and every business owner has experienced the need to fire a vendor. Yet so often we don’t follow through on the evidence provided, nor the instinct that tells us that this person can only bring a caustic relationship to our business. We allow the tension to continue to build, often causing our profits to erode and productivity to be impacted. When is enough, enough? When should you fire that customer and how do you accomplish the task – professionally?

Making it happen requires the four “M’s”

  • Mindset
  • Mirror
  • Measurement
  • Movement

This is a fun interactive, story filled and practical approach to determining when enough is enough.

Keynote presentation: 60 – 75 minutes

Workshop: 4 to 8 hours

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