Family Business Presentations:
  1. Charting the Next Generation Family Business
  2. Everyone Communicates:  Few Connect
  3. Preparing the Next Generation Family Business
  4. Setting Boundaries in the Family Business
  5. Creating a Legacy in the Family Business

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Family Business Workshop Presentations

These workshops can be delivered via webinar, on-site presentation or more detailed workshop.   They can be personalized to meet the specific needs of the audience or given as a generic presentation.

Charting the Next Generation Family Business

The elements of success for a family business are very different for each family.  What works in one, won’t work in another.  Running a business is hard enough, combining business and family dynamics creates another set of challenges and opportunities impacting the family in many ways. How do you generate success, maintain relationships, provide leadership, create boundaries, and pass the torch to the next generation within the family business and still maintain a positive family dynamic.  It isn’t always easy.  This workshop will provide the foundation for changing the way you approach the family business.

Workshop Results:

  1. A path for the next generation to lead
  2. A roadmap for creating boundaries that work in your family
  3. A transition plan outlined for your family

Everyone Communicates:  Few Connect

Learning to connect with your family and others is critical to your success and the success of your business. How you communicate and how you listen will affect your ability to connect with people.

Are people hearing what you are saying? How do you handle people who just don’t get what you are trying to convey?  Our response to the events around us determines the outcomes we receive every day, on every project, and in every situation.  Learn how to ensure people will hear what you want them to hear.

Join us for an interactive, practical time of understanding how to adapt your communication to your family, team members, managers, customers, and prospects.

Workshop Results:

  1. Identify your communication style and Learn how to better communicate with family members
  2. Tools to better understand how others hear what you say
  3. Learn how to connect with all your employees, thus improving productivity

Preparing the Next Generation Family Business

workshop photo - janna hoibergYour will is written, the estate plan is complete, yet there is a reluctance to turn over the reins of the business.  The next generation isn’t ready; or so you think!  The transition from one generation to another can be a rocky painful adventure, or a very smooth and seamless conversion.  What it takes is a good deal of education, planning, openness and humility.  In this presentation, we explore the ingredients of each component of succession planning.  Join us, your business will thank you.

Workshop Results:

  1. Tools for the bridge between generational commnication
  2. Keys to Millenial motivation and management
  3. What should be included in a succession plan.

Setting Boundaries in the Family Business

Boundaries are probably the most important aspect of running a successful family business, and the most valuable tool to keep relationships from being destroyed.  While boundaries will not ensure that one or both parties won’t overstep their boarders at times, they do instill a plan of action that directs both parties involved to get them back on track.

This presentation covers the critical essentials in establishing boundaries: What are boundaries? How are boundaries established? How do you implement boundaries into your daily routine? What happens when boundaries are crossed? If you are in a family business or work within a team, this is a must attend presentation for your success.

Workshop Results:

  1. Tools for creating boundaries at work and home
  2. Definitions of boundaries that can be applied to your family
  3. How to manage the non-family entities withing the busiiness

Creating a Legacy in the Family Business

What does it take to create a legacy in the family business?  This presentation lays the foundation of what must be done to ensure your business and your legacy pass the test of time.  We explore answers to the questions most asked when safeguarding a heritage.  What does it take to pass the torch?  What are the best ways to handle relationships, both in and outside the family?  How do you make the business profitable and yet create a level of harmony at home?

Workshop Results:

  1. Your definition of your legacy
  2. Steps for passing the torch successfully
  3. Ways to build relationships that last the generation       


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