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Successful family enterprises require careful attention to best practices. Janna Hoiberg's business experience, first-hand accounts, and accomplished perspectives make those best practices come alive and become readily accessible in The Family Business. This a practical, must-read for anyone wanting to achieve the best results and a profitable outcome for any business new or established. by JAHbook


A must needed book in contemporary society Janna Hoiberg navigates without ambiguity between the
inherent tensions of the talented family embarking (and sustaining) a business confronting the shoals of inevitable family rivalries and business challenges.

Beyond the unique focus on the family it includes all you need in a regular how to primer in launching and sustaining a business...As such it develops themes for any effective business launch and sustainability.  by: RBB



The Backpackers Guide to Business Success:  Thriving in the Wilderness of Business


Janna Hoiberg, 'The Family Business Specialist' literally "wrote the book on Family Business!" Now in her latest work, 'The Backpackers Guide to Business Success' Janna takes us on a "business hike." With her many and accomplished years as a seasoned business expert, and as a dedicated hiking enthusiast, including regularly trekking Colorado's many "14ers," Janna has observed strong correlations between the answers to the questions, “What makes a good day at the office?” and “What makes a good day hiking?” She take us, the readers, on journey upward to productivity, profitability, and sustainable business growth - "Success in the business world is a lot like climbing a mountain." Janna cleverly and effectively uses backpacking and hiking imagery and metaphors, to describe and explore the daily journey taken in business environments. A must-read for business leaders and professionals, family business owners, and adventurous entrepreneurs!

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The Backpacker’s Guide to Business Success takes a thoughtful and creative approach to business management. She covers business topics such as planning, finance, and risk management in a way that is as valuable to the novice entrepreneur as to the long-time business owner wanting to assess the business with a fresh perspective. Her analogies to backpacking and scaling mountains make comprehension fun and easy and also help the reader internalize the concepts. The Backpacker’s Guide to Business Success is a inspirational read and handy reference.

by K. K.

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