The Family Business

Families are at the heart of most all societies.  Statistics indicate there are more than 16 million small businesses in the US alone. Small businesses range from home based environments to structured operational businesses environments with employees and multi-millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue.  Family business is at the heart of 80 % of small businesses in the US.  Working for a family business – when you are not family can have great rewards and great challenges. 

This book focuses on the joys, challenges, opportunities and threats encountered in the family business, both to the family, the employees and the future of the business.  The inter relationships between the family members to each other, to the team, the multi-generational environments and the outside world i.e., their customers. 

If you are considering starting a family business, continue reading. It may not change your mind, but it will open your eyes to the joys and challenges.  Many of which you haven’t considered, such as the consuming nature of the business, the challenge to the relationships, the impact of failure, the impact of success.

If you are already running a family business, read on.  Most family business owners don’t realize the impact the business has on the family and the employees. They see the business as an extension of themselves and that can be hard on other family members and employees.  Having a family member decide to leave the business, or not join can be devastating and if you are saying “that won’t happen to us” then think again.

If you are employed by a family business you are living the joys and challenges.  The sense of family is both the good and challenging part of your job.  You love being in the family environment, yet, the family gets “away” with things that you would be fired for doing.  The ability to be promoted and rise in the company may have severe limitations.

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The Family Business
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