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Janna's Testimonials Say it All

Janna served as the moderator for our Colorado Springs Business Symposium and did an outstanding job. Her role was originally simply to moderate our business panel, but it became apparent through planning meetings that Janna's talent went beyond that role. She was instrumental in the decisions we made leading up to the event, often steering our conversation back to our purpose when we would get off-track, and providing insight we needed from her vast experience coaching business leaders. She willingly accepted a greater role at the last minute, to serve as "emcee" for the entire event and as backup for our keynote speaker in the event she could not be there. The event went perfectly, the audience loved Janna and she was able to engage the audience during our question and answer time which helped to make the day a success. Janna's diverse experience served us well and I would highly recommend her.

Becky Leinweber – Event Coordinator – Stockman Kast  Ryan and Company

I had the privilege of securing Janna Hoiberg to speak for my chapter members at our eWomenNetwork luncheon in 2015.  I've also heard Janna speak on many topics over the last several years, and find her gifts as a speaker top notch.  She is very confortable at the front of the room which makes her audiences sit up and listen.  Her topic expertise is believable and relevant with humor and realness rolled in.  Janna is very prepared and knows her audiences well.  In my experience Janna is one of the most professional and relatable speakers I have encountered.

Lisa Coffy - Managing Director - eWomenNetwork

Janna brings to any presentation her expertise and the the ability to not only practice what she preaches, but to have the audience understand how to apply the knowledge.

Janna relates well to those in the audience through experiences in her professional and personal life.
There hasn't been a presentation I have attended that Janna hasn't created a fun, engaging and an environment filled with laughter.

Audiences respond to Janna's energy, practical expertise and ability to interact and engage with the audience.

Mark Bittle, Public Relations Director

"Over the last 3 years the Colorado Painters Association has strived to improve the businesses of our members.  One strategic aspect of this improvement has been to involve Janna Hoiberg as a speaker and motivator to our team.   Janna has been an inspiration to all of us.  She has spoken on various topics such as business growth, leadership, and business planning. She inspires us to do things different through our organization and gives us the tools to do so. We highly recommend her for keynotes as well as breakouts. She does remarkable training and implementation strategies."

Colorado Painters Association