Janna Hoiberg Blog http://www.jannahoiberg.com Hands on practical tips, advice and perspectives are found on Janna's blog Janna Hoiberg CMS Made Simple™ Five Ways To Stop Your Family Business From Thriving http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/139/Five-Ways-To-Stop-Your-Family-Business-From-Thriving.html Growing and running a successful small business sometimes means admitting that you need help from someone with more knowledge or experience, but many business owners hold back.   Don’t make this mistake. Here are five “thinking traps” that could be preventing you from getting the assistance you need—and why you need to avoid them. Ego – “I can do it; I don’t need help.” Guess... http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/139/Five-Ways-To-Stop-Your-Family-Business-From-Thriving.html Business Insurance Is Key To Keeping Your Company Alive http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/138/Business-Insurance-Is-Key-To-Keeping-Your-Company-Alive.html Rope is a very versatile tool. With rope, you can hang a bear bag, rescue a friend who fell off a cliff, help someone climb up to a new ledge, tie down your tent in high winds. Simply put, a rope is critical on the trail. It is insurance that protects you if you need it.   Insurance for your business is similar. You hope and pray you don’t need it, but it is invaluable if you do. There... http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/138/Business-Insurance-Is-Key-To-Keeping-Your-Company-Alive.html Rabbit Trails In Business: Not All Paths Are Equal http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/137/Rabbit-Trails-In-Business-Not-All-Paths-Are-Equal.html Have you ever seen a dog follow a rabbit trail? The dog endlessly sniffs around in circles, never getting anywhere. And it seldom catches the rabbit!   A rabbit trail in business is that path you go down that wasn’t on your meeting agenda or your plan for the day. These rabbit trails can jeopardize a project’s completion, a business’s success, and an employee’s ability to get things... http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/137/Rabbit-Trails-In-Business-Not-All-Paths-Are-Equal.html Are You Willing To Whistle For Help With Your Business? http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/136/Are-You-Willing-To-Whistle-For-Help-With-Your-Business.html Screaming into the wind out in the wilderness is virtually useless. No one can hear you. However, a whistle provides a very different type of noise. When you are truly in the backcountry (and in some places even around town), a whistle provides protection against danger.   A whistle is a necessity in the woods, especially if you aren’t around people, in which case you might find... http://www.jannahoiberg.com/blog/136/Are-You-Willing-To-Whistle-For-Help-With-Your-Business.html Marketing The Family Business To The Next Generation http://www.jannahoiberg.com/2016/10/Marketing-The-Family-Business-To-The-Next-Generation.html You are ready—ready to start the transition process for your business. What you’d really love is to pass the business on to the next generation; keep it in the family; pass down that legacy to your kids and hopefully your grandchildren.   But your kids are hesitating. They aren’t sure they want the business, and frankly you don’t get it. Why wouldn’t they want to be their own boss, set... http://www.jannahoiberg.com/2016/10/Marketing-The-Family-Business-To-The-Next-Generation.html