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Hire Janna Hoiberg | Janna Hoiberg

For hiring Janna for your next event:

Janna's Commitment


What you can expect when you book Janna and work with her team:

  1. We will be easy to work with. You have enough to handle without worrying about the speaker. My office and I work very hard to be easy and enjoyable to engage.
  2. Consistent and dependable outcomes. After many presentations, we’ve got the ability to research, design and deliver a presentation that will hit your objectives.
  3. Relevant. My remarks will be pertinent and applicable to your audience. I’ll understand them, their challenges and opportunities and make it easy to apply my ideas.
  4. Presentation media is used to enhance the value of the message and to increase the learning experience and retention. This often includes video.
  5. Tailored to your meeting. My pre-program questionnaire and discussions with you and your team enable me to adapt my material to your circumstances.
  6. Fresh ideas, I relate to current events and add my own perspective. My stories happened to me and/or my clients and that means they won’t be recycled and tired when your audience hears them.


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