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Jul 17, 2013


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As leaders in business it is required that we segment our time between a variety of tasks and responsibilities. To ensure we cover all our bases, we make business plans; we make lists, and even read articles that help us with the 5 Best ways to avoid this, or the 10 Best Ways to do that.  Yet the most important aspect of getting anything done and done well is focus.  Whatever has our attention, or wherever our center of activity is located, that is what we are focused on.  Getting focused is not hard, staying there is the problem.  So how do we stay focused when we have so many distractions in our day to day world?   Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Don’t just make a list, tie the list to your priorities and put it where you can’t help but see it.  This will help to keep you on the path of completion and reduce the temptation to get sidetracked. Often about 50% of what is on our list could be categorized as a “to do” rather than a task that is tied to our goals or one that truly move our business and life forward.
  2. Mute your phone, turn off the email notification option, and shut your door.  While leaders need and want to be accessible to others, you do need to protect some of your time to be used for completing tasks that only you can accomplish.  Read the book Multitasking is Worse than a Lie by David Crenshaw
  3. Keep your space organized.  When you have to leave the “zone” to go and look for equipment or resources you need or your space is so cluttered you can’t find your “zone”, you can easily lose focus.  How much time do you spend “looking” for things?
  4. Take a short walk or take a few really deep breaths before beginning your project and drink water to keep your brain hydrated.  Lack of hydration is directly related to your ability to focus
  5. Spend time reading every day.  Reading requires the ability to stay focused on the written word to understand the content and teaches your brain how to better focus.

The ability to stay focused on a task to completion can make the difference between a business being good and a business being great!

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